In House Amenities

Heating & Air Conditioning
Cooking utensils, pots, pans, glasses, silverware & dishes
Washer / Dryer
Bath & spa towels
Bed linens
TV with DVD player & assortment of movies
CD player

2 bedrooms & 2 bathrooms

Master bedroom with queen size bed & river view
Guest bedroom with queen size bed, twin size bed & river view
Living room with pull out futon & river view
Bath tub & shower in master bath.
Shower in guest bath.

Spa Area

6 person hot tub
Outdoor shower (only operates during the summer)
Patio with table & chairs
Fireplace that can also be used for grilling with wood or charcoal
Gas grill

Outside Amenities

Front porch with lots of seating & river view.
5 to 10 minute walk into downtown.
Less than 100 yards to the Appalachian Trail
We also have a fire pit by the river for bonfires & roasting marshmallows!

* No smoking & no pets!